The Philippines is one of the leading offshore destinations for companies looking to save on operational expenses on non-core processes. By outsourcing to providers of customer and tech support services in the Philippines, companies can get good value in the form of high quality services, highly trained agents, and good customer service practices. There are several companies that specialize in providing tech support services in the Philippines and companies looking to outsource can be thoroughly assured that they have many companies to choose from that offer several levels of support.

There are several offshore destinations that companies can choose from, with each country capitalizing on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Companies will of course need to factor in those strengths and weaknesses when deciding on where to outsource services from or where to base offshore operations in.

India, the Philippines, China, and other developing countries are among the frontrunners in the outsourcing industry. Both India and the Philippines produce thousands of English proficient college graduates per year so companies can tap into a large, highly trainable workforce. China and India have specialized in providing IT services, going as far as providing special IT zones and improving infrastructure for Internet connectivity and telecommunications. The Philippines, on the other hand, plays on its strengths and specializes in customer and tech support.

The Filipino Advantage

Customer and tech support services in the Philippines are not only fueled by an English proficient and highly educated workforce, but also a staff with a high affinity for Western culture and can adapt accordingly to client specifications. Also, Filipinos are naturally eager to help, courteous, and patient, making them suitable for providing customer and tech support services. In general, outsourcing is a good way to provide an “always online” service for customers and companies that provide tech support services in the Philippines can ensure that at a relatively low cost. Providing 24/7/365 tech support is important, but providing exemplary service should be given a high priority as well as it will lessen the chances getting of irate customers, escalated calls, and lost customers due to inept or discourteous service.

Tech support services in the Philippines are also highly customizable, as service providers can tailor their services to suit a client’s needs and specifications. Tech support agents can work on the same time zone as the client. Another advantage to getting tech support services in the Philippines is that companies, especially SMEs (small and medium enterprises), can outsource just one team for their entire tech support operations. For instance, a small company can get just a few seats to handle their level 1 and 2 support from a smaller call center and still get quality service. Bigger service providers usually offer a minimum number of seats to their clients, so an SME that only needs 30 seats may not meet this.

The downsides of tech support services in the Philippines

Tech support services in the Philippines are usually limited to providing only basic support (levels 1 and 2) for consumer electronics and software so companies will need to handle escalated calls (level 3 and higher) at their home offices. Levels 1 and 2 tech support services in the Philippines call for basic troubleshooting, documenting issues, handling simple requests like extra parts, and answering simple inquiries like warranty info, among other things. This also includes senior agents taking escalated calls. Training agents to take higher tiers of support is possible, though companies will probably need to spare extra expenses and manpower for that.

Depending on a company’s needs, taking tech support services in the Philippines is a great cost effective way to provide constant and high quality services to customers.